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Families to Freedom transports victims of domestic abuse to safety. We provide one-way transportation to reunite with family far away or get to emergency shelter. We want to make it possible for people to get far away from abusive relationships!

We get calls like this frequently:

Charlene is a mother of three children. Her common-law husband of two years insults her and screams at her in front of her children, he has taken control of the finances so she doesn't have access to money, he monitors her every move with cameras around the house, he refuses to fix her old car so she can't get around town (or get away), and he's been known to hit her during heated arguments. This last time, he choked her to the point of passing out. When she came back to consciousness, her 4 year old daughter was at her side crying hysterically. This was her breaking point. Charlene realized in that moment she did not have control of the situation and she needed help. It was no longer safe to be in the home.

Problem is- she called several area domestic violence shelters and they all said they were at full capacity. No shelter had room for her. The last shelter she called recommended Families to Freedom.

We got Charlene's call and helped her think through obstacles to leave the home safely. We broadened her search for safe shelters in smaller cities where it was less busy and more likely to have available space. After she found a shelter that could take her in, Families to Freedom helped her find a safe place to walk to for pick up to go to the shelter more than an hour's drive away. Our volunteer driver got her to safe shelter that day! After a week of counseling, safety planning, and support, Charlene made a plan to be at her aunt's home where she could get help in the evenings with her kids and a place to stay while she searched for a job, and she would be with a family member that he didn't know much about.

Families to Freedom supported Charlene's plan to be far away with family where her children could feel safe for a long time. On the day of her departure from shelter, she was sad to say good-bye to her counselors that empowered her, and nervous about yet another big change, and excited to be on her way back to family. Our driver was upbeat, encouraging, sensitive to her state of mind, and made sure the kids had games and movies in the back for the long ride. It took nearly two days of driving to reach her aunt's home near the coast. During the trip, Families to Freedom made sure everyone's meals were paid for, one overnight in a motel was take care of so that Charlene, who had no money, didn't stress about travel. At the aunt's home, she greeted everyone on the porch hugging the children and giving a tearful embrace to our client Charlene. She was now a safe survivor far away from fear and violence!

No other organization in the US provides this level of care for victims of domestic violence who have no safe place to be after domestic violence. Our most requested service is a car/van ride to emergency shelter more than an hour away. Our second most requested service is a ride to family far away. There's no tickets to keep track of, no sleeping on bus terminal floors at night, no worry of sitting children next to strangers, no worry about lack of money to feed children. Our clients travel with dignity and care.

This is your opportunity to Adopt A Road Trip! Support our next caller's travel with your donation. Help her get to emergency shelter an hour away, or across the state, or across several states. Give now to support 1 trip, then share with a friend who you think should know about Families to Freedom. Together we can help victims like Charlene go boldly and live free!

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